What Is the Average Fine for Reckless Driving in Virginia

One of the most common questions customers ask when they call after receiving a reckless driving ticket is how much the fine will cost. Many customers call to try and pre – pay their ticket, only to realize after talking to the clerk in the office that tickets are not subject to pre- payment.

This page answers some of the questions customers ask when trying to determine how much they will have to pay as a result of a reckless driving conviction. The fine for reckless Driving in Virginia is for a Class 1 offense. First – class offenders in Virginia face a maximum fine of $ 100.00. This is not often imposed in many countries, but it is imposed for first – time offenders (see below).

Most speeding cases in Virginia carry a $ 6.00 fine per mile per hour. It is important to understand that careless driving is not subject to the same fine as ordinary speeding, as seen on this page here. The speeding fine is a fine that is tied to a specific law that the driver is charged with.

While it would be much easier to have a predetermined fine for reckless driving, the fines vary from court to court. One court you go to will impose a fine of $ 10.00 for exceeding 90 miles per hour, even in a 70-mile zone.

The other will impose a fine of $ 10.00. Often, the court you go to usually does this, but other courts will be imposing different amounts. For example, if the speed limit is less than 90 km / h, some courts may impose fines of up to $ 6 for speeding offences.

Unlike regular speed tickets, however, these do not entail a predetermined fine, and are non – prepaid. There are two types of speeding tickets: Reckless driving and Infinite speed driving, both of which can cause a fine of up to $ 10.00.

For reckless driving and speeding, you have a fixed penalty of up to $ 10.00 for driving a vehicle not under your control. Common reckless drivers in Virginia are abbebed of driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other drug or alcohol – dependent substance, as well as driving while intoxicated.

Again, this is abbebed by prepayment of a predetermined penalty. This is probably the most common reckless driving ticket in Virginia, and probably one of the worst.

The factors involved in determining the fine you face will again vary according to your local court. Actual speed will of course play an important role, and in some courts the prosecutor will be involved and have a typical fine asked based on speed. Most courts I’ve gone to have not involved a prosecutor. However, in many courts, your driving record will play important roles in your fine. What factors influence the determination of fines?

As with litigation costs, it’s important to understand the difference between receiving a fine and paying court costs. Again, these will vary from court to court, but I’ve often seen a court cost of $ 86, and other lawyers estimate it at $ 71.