Types Of Sex Crimes In Virginia

In Virginia, a person may get in severe fine charges as well as prison punishments under the circumstances of a crime’s stage. If a person commits a sex crime under the age of 18, he/she can go through in prison for up to 2 years with a fine charge of $3,500. However, there are numerous types of sex crime by which you may charge with, in Virginia.

Types Of Sex Crime In Virginia:

The word sex crime applies to a violation of criminal law that involves sexual violation or any forcible action. However, in types of a sex crime, you may get five different types by which people may charge a costly fine and prison punishment as well.

  • Rape — a rapist can go through a punishment in prison for 4-6years with a fine of $4,500.
  • Forcible sodomy — in this case, a criminal stay in prison for up to 1-10years with a fine of $2,500.
  • Aggravated sexual battery — this case considered the most significant and prevalent nowadays, punishment for staying in jail up to 2-20years with a fine of $100,000.
  • Prostitution — punishment for up to 2-4years in prison with a fine of $2,500.
  • Infected Sexual Battery — punishment for up to 2 years with a fine of $2000.

Moreover, some of the sex crimes are a misdemeanor means they are just less dangerous. Even though they are big enough to take action, and this misdemeanor could involve in a sex crime as well.

Additionally, sex crimes usually offer severe penalties such as stay in prison or even a huge amount of fine on the Virginia Sex Crimes Registry.

Although sex crimes also put a very serious intention in the society, as those who are imposed with the actual sex crimes, they can go through severe punishments for the rest of the life. However, these people can also suffer after prison life as they are not able to involve in any relationship or something. Though, these people should afford a life like this.

However, those innocent people who are suffering from false allegations of committing a sex crime, they should go and consult with a Virginia sex crimes lawyer to start alleviating the damage and developing strong support as soon as possible.

Sex Crimes Penalties (Misdemeanor):

These types of sex crimes can be faced with different penalties like in prison for up to 12 months or even a fine of $2,500. The Misdemeanor sex crimes are ones in which people have assaulted forcibly, emotionally, or threaten.

Sex Crimes Penalties (Felony):

In this category of penalty, the criminal may face long-term imprisonment, even for the rest of life. The Felony sex crimes are different from a misdemeanor, that’s why their penalties are also different. Although, when a person sexually assaults someone or do a rape, he/she will directly go to prison for life, after proven guilty.


Under the laws of Virginia, if you found a false charged against sex crimes or any other severe crime, immediately ask help to the Virginia help department. False allegations are also spreading like a fire in Virginia.