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A number of new criminal laws came into force on July 1, 2017. Each year, the General Assembly meets in the winter and proposes new laws and amendments to old laws.

In addition to being a Fairfax Virginia Trust criminal attorney, he served on the law – writing committee and played a big role in drafting the new laws. Here he abbeys some of the newest laws that he thinks are important.

The bill requires that the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with the older person’s group, develop a new definition of assault and battery with a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $ 1,000 fine. The penalties are more severe if a health care worker is attacked while performing a routine medical procedure, such as a check – up or emergency room visit, at a hospital or other emergency facility. Fairfax VA criminal prosecutors can help reduce these types of charges to regular assault – and – battery. This bill expands the punishment to apply to non – emergency medical care workers at hospitals and other medical facilities. It applies to doctors, dentists, nurses, and medical assistants, as well as those who work in clinics or any other facility that provides emergency Medical care. In addition, the punishments will be applied in a manner similar to the state’s criminal code.

Currently, it is a first – class offense to use an electronic device to spy on an occupied building, or to enter another property while spying. The bill penalizes those who enter someone else’s property by peering through the walls of occupied buildings or attempting to peek or spy upon a residential or occupying building located on such property, unless such use is in the pursuit of a legitimate criminal investigation.

The bill is particularly relevant to people who use drones to peer into bedrooms and bathrooms where people are likely to be stripped, such as in the bathroom.

A person can be found guilty of a Class 3 offence if they knowingly provide information to a group or individual whose primary purpose is to commit a terrorist act. If a person or persons are injured or killed as a result of the information, it will be treated as class 2 crime.

A person who knowingly provides material support to a person or organization whose primary purpose is to commit a terrorist act, and who does so with the intention of furthering that purpose is guilty of a third – degree felony. Fairfax, VA criminal prosecutors can explain what constitutes an act of terrorism. This Bill expands the definition of an “act” of “terrorism” to include any act committed in the Commonwealth that would meet the definitions of acts of violence committed outside of it. The bill is necessary because local police do not have the authority to issue search warrants in cases where a person is planning an out – of – state attack.